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Oils on canvas 762 x 1219 mm (30″ x 48″) by Gordon Frickers


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A painting to inspire, a picture of ‘Spirit of Mystery’ revealed in a way no camera could offer.


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Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean


Standard Size – 340 x 500mm (19¾” x 13¼”).

Price £147.00 unframed inc P & P.

Framed, delivered complete, £294.00


To Special order, - A large size image: – 570 x 820mm (22½" x 32¼")

Signed print £277.00

Signed print, mounted and plus Frame £454.00


Extra; remarque - £55.00 -

What is a remarque? We are often asked:

A remarque is a drawing in the margin of your print that relates to the subject, the artist’s original touch.

A remarque adds a charm that will enhance your picture.


"Spirit of Mystery, Southern Ocean" with a limited number signed by Pete Goss is now available as a numbered print.

To ensure you have a copy, order via, payment page or ask to make a bank to bank transfer.

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Further reading:


Pete Goss commissioned the renowned marine artist Gordon Frickers to produce a painting that captures the spirit of the epic voyage made by Westcountry sailor and adventurer Pete Goss in 2008-2009 in the 37-foot long wooden boat Spirit of Mystery.


We see ‘Spirit of Mystery’ labouring in huge majestic waves with a dangerous cross sea, truly reminiscent of Pete’s voyage and that of the original crew, whose Captain Richard Nicholls wrote in their log on 6th March 1855: “A terrific gale of wind – heaviest so far experienced. Our gallant little boat rides the mountains of sea remarkably well.”


Pete Goss built and sailed the 37’ Mounts Bay Lugger to Australia to commemorate the incredible voyage made by seven Cornishmen in 1854 aboard the original Mystery, the smallest migrant vessel ever to make the perilous journey to Australia.


Gordon Frickers is best know for his epic "The Port of Chester 1863" and the iconic painting ‘Roaring Forties’ depicting Robin Knox-Johnston aboard Suhaili in 1968 as Robin became the first man to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe non-stop, was captivated by the Goss project.


A fan of ‘Roaring Forties’, Pete was intrigued and keen to follow the creative process so he commissioned Gordon to produce this painting. 

There followed a meeting aboard ‘Spirit of Mystery’ to talk about the voyage and especially the Southern Ocean; Gordon set to work.


Gordon said: “I have endeavoured to give our painting the qualities cameras and Photoshop don't have.  Much of the scene is as abstract as possible, light, physical texture, because that is how it is in bad weather. 

I pursued feeling and emotion rather than detail. 

The colours and the white water are influenced by the ragged morning sky, the sort of patchy sunlight and flying spray Pete had described.”


Pete said he got exactly the painting he had hoped for:

I particularly like the vast underlying swell rolling off into the infinite space of the Southern Ocean coupled with the immediacy of the nasty cross sea that threatens to overwhelm the boat. 

Gordon has a rare talent and has captured what is so hard to describe. When I first got the painting I put it on the kitchen table, made myself a cup of tea and lost myself in it for half an hour.”

Gordon said he knew intuitively that painting for Pete Goss would be a rare and special experience to savour, adding: “I can think of few greater compliments for an artist than to have people who have been there, done it and got the T shirt to endorse my art work.”


This oil on canvas painting measures 30” by 48” (762 x 1219 mm) and will be framed in the same oak used to build ‘Spirit of Mystery’.


Available in print:

“Spirit of Mystery, Southern Ocean” is now available as a signed numbered print, with a limited number signed by Pete Goss; to make an order visit, payment page.

Ends - Dated 04/11/13

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A high-resolution picture, suitable for the print media is available on request from Gordon Frickers, who is handling all media enquiries.

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For further information contact Gordon Frickers on:

T: (UK) 01865 522435

M: 07588 411720



Skype: “gordonfrickers”



For more information about Pete Goss and Spirit of Mystery, visit:

Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean"

for Pete Goss, MBE, Legion d’Honor by Gordon Frickers.

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